"I Want 2 Make Sure V R Presenting 2 The South Australian People A Government That Is Open & Accountable. I Want 2 Make Sure That V Maintain Public Confidence In Government At All Levels...!!!"
Writer:"Jay Weatherill...!!!"


"It's Beyond Belief That Any Australian Could B So Stupid As 2 Carry Drugs Into Any Country In Asia...!!!"
Writer:"John Howard...!!!"


"You Can't Really Get Into Regular Football After U Watch Australian Rules Football Because It's Just Two Different Ends Of The Totem Pole...!!!"
Writer:"Andrew Bogut...!!!"


"But I Did A Lot Of Boxing & I Was Captain Of An Australian Surf Club...!!!"
Writer:"Rod Taylor...!!!"


"If Government & Media & All Of Us In The Australian Tribe Got 2gether, & The Rock Industry, V'd Just B The Greatest Cultural Force The World Has Ever Seen V're Such An Amazing Race...!!!"

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