"The Goal Of Australian Foreign Policy Should B 2 Promote The Maximum Harmony Between The U.S. & China...!!!"
Writer:"John Howard...!!!"
"I Think Australian Food Is Probably Some Of The Best In The World...!!!"
Writer:"Karrie Webb...!!!"

"I'd Won The Australian Open Twice, But Winning Wimbledon Takes Something Special...!!!"
Writer:"Stefan Edberg...!!!"
"U Know, I'm Australian, So I'm Not Too Flashy Or Glitzy I've Stopped Dressing 4 Other People. If I Think I Look Good, That's The Most Important Thing...!!!"
Writer:"Rose Byrne...!!!"

 "It's A Song That V Sing After V Win A Test Match. V Sing It After Every One Day Series Win. It's Been Passed Down Through The Generations. It's The Culture Of The Australian Team...!!!"
"U See, Before I Became Prime Minister, The Australian Prime Minister Only Attended Ever Two Meetings In The World The British Commonwealth Heads Of Government Meeting & The South Pacific 
Writer:"Paul Keating...!!!"

 "I Think V Have 2 Keep Working Enormously Hard 2 See That Every Single Lndigenous Child Every Australian Child Has True Equality Of Opportunity. We've Got 2 Work Harder At It. I Think, U Know, The 
Heartland Issue 4 Us Is The Gap The Gap In Life Expectancy In This Country...!!!"
Writer:"Quentin Bryce...!!!"
"In Australian Culture, People R Just More Laid Back, People Rn't As Serious, They Just Take Their Time With Things. It's Just Like, Whatever, If I Don't Get It Done I Don't Get It Done...!!!"
Writer:"Andrew Bogut...!!!"

 "I Was Offered & Accepted A Part In 'A Few Best Men, & Then The Australian Actor's Union Argued That There Were Too Many British Actors. & The Director Decided 2 Lose Me...!!!"
Writer:"Noel Clarke...!!!"
"We Believe In The Australian Promise That If U Work Hard, U Won't B Left Behind...!!!"
Writer:"Wayne Swan...!!!"

 "I Had A Vocal Coach. It's A Sad Thing, But I Had 2 Hire Someone So That I Could Get My Australian Accent Back...!!!"
Writer:"Anthony LaPaglia...!!!"
"Coming From Theater, & Having Been 2 Acting School, & Done Little, Small Australian Independent Movies, A Lot Of The Time, It's Always About Character...!!!"
Writer:"Jacqueline McKenzie...!!!"

 "My Father Is Indonesian Timorese, My Mother Aboriginal Australian...!!!"
Writer:"Jessica Mauboy...!!!"
"Our South Australian Farmers Left Their Holdings In The Hands Of Their Wives & Children Too Young 2 Take With Them, But Almost All Of Them Returned 2 Grow Grain & Produce 2 Send 2 Victoria...!!!"
Writer:"Catherine Helen Spence...!!!"

 "I Was The Most Australian Child Ever In The World, Even Though My Home Was In Africa...!!!"
Writer:"Mem Fox...!!!"
"I Just Think Australia Tends 2 Make Very Good Movies, So If Someone Hands Me An Australian Or An American Film Script I Would Guess The Australian Film Would B More Intriguing...!!!"
Writer:"Barbara Hershey...!!!"

 "The Australian People Want 2 Help Build This Country Into A Great Nation. This Budget Has Not Realized The Capacity Of The Australian People. It Has Underestimated Them. It Has Let Us Down...!!!"
Writer:"Lionel Murphy...!!!"
"Country Of Origin Labeling Is Something That Consumers Really Want, & I Think It's Critical 2 Support Australian Farmers...!!!"
Writer:"Christine Milne...!!!"

"I Started Off In England & Very Few People Knew I Was Australian. I Mean, The Clues Were In The Poems, But They Didn't Read Them Very Carefully, & So 4 Years & Years I Was Considered Completely Part Of 
Writer:"Peter Porter...!!!"
"I Will Always Come Back 2 Do Australian Films. I Think It Matters. I Think V Can Make Films That People Go & See. & I Don't Think It's Too Much 2 Ask That Films In This Country Make A Profit & That V Embrace 
Writer:"Josh Lawson...!!!"

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