"Alone Of All The Races On Earth, They Seem 2 B Free From The Grass Is Greener On The Other Side Of The Fence Syndrome, & Roundly Proclaim That Australia Is, In Fact, The Other Side Of That Fence...!!!" 
Writer:"Douglas Adams...!!!"

"Australia Is An Absolutely Fantastic Country, But The Only Thing V Lack Is The Ability 2 Work Harder...!!!"
Writer:"Dick Smith...!!!"

 "I See It As My Duty In Some Way Is 2 B Out In The World As An Australian Putting Forward What I Consider 2 B Authentic Australian Music...!!!"
Writer:"Nick Cave...!!!"

 "2 Live In Australia Permanently Is Rather Like Going 2 A Party & Dancing All Night With One's Mother...!!!"
Writer:"Barry Humphries...!!!"

I'm An Australian, & When I Grew Up Much Of My Influences Were American Blues  Music & Country Music, All That Sort Of Thing...!!!"
Writer:"Nick Cave...!!!"

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