"Australia Is An Outdoor Country. People Only Go Inside 2 Use The Toilet. & That's Only A Recent Development...!!!"
Writer:"Barry Humphries...!!!"

 "I Try 2 Use The Australian Idiom 2 Its Maximum Advantage...!!!"
Writer:"Paul Keating...!!!"

"I'd Like 2 B Seen As An Average Australian Bloke. I Can't Think Of I Can't Think Of A Nobler Description Of Anybody Than 2 B Called An Average Australian Bloke...!!!"
Writer:"John Howard...!!!"

 "It's Australian 2 Do Such Things Because, However Uncivilised They May Seem, It's Human 2 Do Them...!!!"
Writer:"Hugh Mackay...!!!"

"I Feel Like I've Been Marinated In Australian Theatre...!!!"
Writer:"Cate Blanchett...!!!"

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