Australia-Day-26 -January-Walpaper-Flag-Wide

"I'm So Used 2 Australian Films Not Getting A Release Outside Australia...!!!"
Writer:"Hugo Weaving...!!!"


"The Australian Economy Is Resilient, But Business & Consumer Confidence Is Fragile...!!!"
Writer:"Julie Bishop...!!!"


"I Don't Think Of Myself As Either American Or Australian Really, I'm A True Hybrid. It's A Good Thing 4 Me Because Both Of Them R Really Good Countries...!!!"
Writer:"Mel Gibson...!!!"


"I Celebrated My 18th Birthday In Japan, Which Was Quite Memorable; I Was Quite Fascinated By The Different Traditions & The Culture It Was So Completely Different 2 Australian Culture...!!!"
Writer:"Miranda Kerr...!!!"


"I Made My first Australian Senior Team When I Was 16, First Olympics When I Was 19, & I Retired. I'm 32, I Retired Four Years Ago, So A Good Third Of My Life Or Nearly A Third Of My Life Has Been All About 
Writer:"Cathy Freeman ...!!!"

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