"To Everyone Out There
I Wish In 2014 God Gives U
12 Months Of Happiness,
52 Weeks Of Fun,
365 Days Success,
8760 Hours Good Health,
52600 Minutes Good Luck,
3153600 Seconds Of Joy...!!!"

"Before The Sun Sets In This Year, Before The Memories Fade, Before The Net Works Get Jammed Wish U & Ur Family Happy Sparkling Chinese New Year 2014...!!!"

 "The Last Night Of 2013 Will End Soon But The First Day Of 2014 Will Dawn Soon. I Wish U Complete Peace, Happiness & Courage In This New Year...!!!"

"Wish U & Ur Family A Happy Chinese New Year The Coming Year Will Bring U Joy, Love & Peace Fulfilling All Ur Desires...!!!"

 "Greet Chinese New Year Realize Ur Ambitions Without Hesitations B Happy & Prosperous Throughout The Whole Year Accept My Good Luck Wishes...!!!"

"Embrace My Present
Of True Friendship & Love
Carefully Packed 4
A Prosperous & Healthy 2014
My Happy New Years Wish...!!!"

 "Always Welcome The New Morning With A New Spirit, A Smile On Or Face, Love In Ur Heart & Good Thoughts In Ur Mind...!!!"

"With Each Passing Moments, Let Us Embrace The New Year With A Brighter, Colorful, & Joyous Future...!!!"

 "Happy New Chinese Year My Wish Is That U Will Call Me Dear, Beginning On The First Day Of January & February & Throughout The year...!!!"

"Happy New Year In China With These Words 4 U. The Future Belongs 2 Those Who Believe In The Beauty Of Their Dreams...!!!"

 "Write It On Ur Heart That Every Day Is The Best Day In The Year...!!!"
Author :"Ralph Waldo Emerson...!!!"

"Let Our New Year's Tesolution B This Will B There 4 One Another As Fellow Members Of Humanity, In The Finest Sense Of The Word...!!!"
Author :"Goran Persson ...!!!"

 "If  U R Young & U Drink A Great Deal It Will Spoil Ur Health, Slow Ur Mind, Make U Fat  In Other Words, Turn U Into An Adult...!!!"
Author :"P. J. O'Rourke...!!!"

"I Don't Even Drink! I Can't Stand The Taste Of Alcohol. Every New Year's Eve I Try One Drink & Every Time It Makes Me Feel Sick. So I Don't Touch Booze I'm Always The Designated Driver...!!!"
Author :"Kim Kardashian...!!!"

"Great Start 4 Jan,
Love 4 Feb,
Peace 4 March,
No Worries 4 April,
Fun 4 May,
Joy 4 June 2 Nov,
& December Is A Ending Of A Year With Happiness...!!!"

 "My New Year's Resolution Is 2 Stick 2 A Good Workout Plan That Will Keep Me Healthy & Happy...!!!"
Author :"James Lafferty...!!!"

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