"4U See
Each Day I Love U More
2day More Than Yesterday
& Less Than 2morrow...!!!"


"Love So Much My Heart Is Sure.
As Time Goes On I Love U More, Ur Happy Smile.
Ur Loving Face No One Will Ever Take Ur Place.
Wish U A Happy Valentine’s Day...!!!"


"Be My Valentine,
Say That U R Mine,
& Will B 4 All Time,
Let Our Hearts Entwine
B My Valentine,
All Of Ur Allures,
Told Me I'm Urs...!!!"


"Love Is Never Lost If Not Reciprocated It Will Flow Back & Soften & Purify The Heart Happy Valentines Day...!!!"


"What I Need 2 Live
Has Been Given 2 Me
By The Earth
Why I Need 2 Live
Has Been Given 2 Me
By U My Valentine...!!!" 


"My Heart Is Made 2 Love U
My Lips R Made 2 Kiss U
My Eyes R Made 2 See U
My Hands R Made 2 Hold U
Every Part Of Me Wants U
Because I Am Made Just 4 U...!!!"

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