Valentines Day Is A Day 2 Celebrate Love & Express It In The Most Meaningful Way Possible. I May Have Not Been The Best Friend Ever, But The Love I Have 4 U Is Here 2 Stay 


If I Could Pull Down The Rainbow,
Then I Would Write
My & My Valentine's Name On It
& Put It Back On Its Own Place
So That The World Could See
How Colorful Is Our Relationship.
U R Mine 4ever 


On Valentine's Day V Think Of Those
Who Make Our Lives Worthwhile,
Those Gracious, Friendly People Who
V Think Of With A Smile.
I M 4tunate 2 Know U
That's Why I Want 2 Say
To A Rare & Special Person...!!!'


Life Has Taught Us That Love Does Not Consist In Gazing At Each Other But In Looking Outward In The Same Direction 
Author: Antoine de Saint 


No Matter Where I Go,
The Warmest Place Will
Always B In Ur Arms.
Sweetheart Hug Me Tightly
& Hear Me Say
Love U2day, 2morrow &
Ever After 

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