"Love Is Like Playing The Piano.
First U Must Learn 2
Play By The Rules,
Then U Must 4get The
Rules & Lay From Ur Heart...!!!

"Love Is A Driver Bitter & Fierce If  U Fight & Resist Him, Easy Going, Once U Acknowledge His Power...!!!"


"Life Is So Short, So Fast The Lone Hours Fly, V Ought 2 B 2gether, U & I Miss U  Every Hour & Every Moment Of Everyday Sweetheart...!!!"


"I Love U My Sweet Flower & I Hope All Ur Dreams Come True & Have A Happy Life With Full Of Love...!!!"


"Like The Lovely Red Rose, I Miss Every Day I Just Want 2 Tell U That I Love U Each & Every Day...!!!"


"I Love Ur Dark Eyes And Ur Curly Hair,
I Love Ur Smile And The Way That U Care
I Love Ur Deep Kisses,
I Love Ur Soft Touch,
I Love U I Love U So Much...!!!"

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