"The Indian Republic Will Endure Until The Day Congress Discovers That It Can Bribe The Public With The Public's Money...!!!"
Writer:"Alexis de Tocqueville...!!!"

"Kyun Marte Ho Yaro Snam Ke Liye,
Na Degi Duppta Kfan Ke Liye,
Marna Hai To Maro VATAN Ke Liye,
TIRANGA To Mile Ga Kfan Ke Liye.
Writer:"Jai Hind...!!!"

 "Freedom Isn't Free. It Shouldn't B A Bragging Point That 'Oh, I Don't Get Involved In Politics, As If That Makes Someone Cleaner. No, That Makes U Derelict Of Duty In A Republic. Liars & Panderers In 
Government Would Have A Much Harder Time Of It If So Many People Didn't Insist On Their Right 2 Remain Ignorant & Blindly Agreeable...!!!"
Writer:"Bill Maher...!!!" 

"Freedom Is Not Worth Having,
If It Does Not Include,
The Freedom 2 Make Mistakes...!!!"

"Freedom On The Mind,
Faith In The Words,
Pride In Our Hearts &,
Memories In Our Souls,
Lets Salute,
The Nation On Republic Day...!!!"

"I Have Always Considered It As Treason Against The Great Republic Of Human Nature, 2 Make Any Man's Virtues The Means Of Deceiving Him...!!!"
Writer:"Samuel Johnson...!!!"

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