"I Have Always Considered It As Treason Against The Great Republic Of Human Nature, 2 Make Any Man's Virtues The Means Of Deceiving Him...!!!"
Writer:"Samuel Johnson...!!!"

"Other Might Have 4getten,
But Never Can I,
The Flag Of My Country,
Furls Very High...!!!"

"The Safety Of The Republic Being The Supreme Law, & Texas Having Offered Us The Key 2 The Safety Of Our Country From All Foreign Intrigues & Diplomacy, I Say Accept The Key & Bolt The Door At 
Writer:"Andrew Jackson...!!!" 

"Jaan 2 Kardi Hamne Watan Ke Naam Pr,
Shaan To Kardi Hamne Watan Ke Naam Par,
Kurbaaniyo Se Pai Hai Hamne Aazaadi,
Hamara Watan Yo Laakho Main Eik Hai,
Jan Bhi Kardi Hamne Watan Ke Naam Pr

"We Must Not Allow The Liberals 2 Move Us Away From The Conservative Values Of The Indian Past Which Sustain Our Present & Shall Secure Our Future. As 4 Me & My Family, V Will Serve God, V Will 
Serve This Constitutional Republic, We Will Serve India...!!!"
Writer:"Allen West...!!!"

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