This Festival Is Celebrated As The Wedding Day Of Lord Shiva & Goddess Parvati, Or On This Day Lord Shiva Perform His Tandav A Dance Of Creation preservation. This Festival Teaches Us That The Creater & Destroyer Of Shivratri Is Lord Shiva. So Shivratri Is A Big Day 4 All The Followers Of Lord Shiva.


"Shivratri Is A Platonic Festival 4 Shivbhagats. It Is The Most Memorable Day In My Life. I Too Have 
Faith On Lord Shiva. When I M In Trouble I Always Remember My God Shiva & My Troubles Goes 
Away. This Day Is Best To Meet Lord Shiva"
Author: "Jatin Sharma
"Lord Shiva Blessings 2 All Indians. I M Getting Inspirations From Shiva Arti & Poems. People Should 
Pray 2 Lord Shiva Early Morning" 
Author: "Deepak kumar"


"Shiv Ki Shakti, Shiv Ki Bhakti, Khushi Ki Bahar Mile, Shivratri K Pavan Avsar Pr Aapko Zindagi Ki Ek 
Achi Nayi Shuruavat Mily"


"SHIV Ki Jyoti Sy Nur Milta Hy Sabky Dilon Ko Sarur Milta Hy Jobhi Jaata Hy BHOLEY K Dwaar Kuch Na Kuch Zarrur Milta Hy"


"Machhli Ko English Mein Kehte Hein Fish Hum Aapko Bohat Kerty Hein Miss Hum Sy Pehely Koi Ker 
Nan Dy Wish Is Liye Advance Ker Diya Shivaratri Wish"

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