"If U Talk 2 A Man In A Language He
Understands That Goes 2 His Head. If U Talk
2 Him In His Language That Goes 2 His Heart"


"I Cannot Even Imagine Where I Would
Be 2day Were It Not 4 That Handful Of
Friends Who Have Given Me A Heart Full
Of Joy. Let's Face It Friends Make Life
A Lot More Fun"


"This Is My Simple Religion. There Is
No Need 4 Temples No Need 4 Complicated
Philosophy. Our Own Brain Our Own Heart
Is Our Temple The Philosophy Is Kindness"


"Prayer Is Not Asking. It Is A Longing
Of The Soul. It Is Daily Admission Of One's
Weakness. It Is Better In Prayer 2 Have
A Heart Without Words Than Words
Without A Heart"


"Put Ur Heart Mind And Soul Into Even Ur
Smallest Acts. This Is The Secret Of Success

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