The Reasons Why

"There Were Huge Questions Hanging
Before   Me   While  I  Was  Strolling
Early Morning     In     The    Park
Why  Can  Not  I  Get  U  Out  Of  My
Mind! Why Am I Even In Love With U

It Was His Whisper That Made Everything
Clear The Moon's Embrace Gathered
More In Gravity It Was More Than Just
A Voice It Was A Soul Reaching 4 Mine

It Was His Eyes That Made Me Gasped
4 Air They Were Telling Me He Loves
Me It Was Real It Was A Fairy Tale  
That Every Time I See Them Sparkle I
Find My Heartstrings Dance With Glee  
That All The Time I Stare And Blush
His Secrets Were Revealed It Was True Love 

The Smile He Does Kills Me With Butterflies.
That Laugh He Makes Gives Me Such Feeling
Sweeter Than Candy Making Me Sure I Love
Everything About Him Making Me Sure
He Will Wait 4 Me 

I Wonder All The Time If We R Even Real
He  Was  Too  Good  2  B  True A Prince
Perhaps That Came From The Sun's Magic
M I Princess. Now Then! It's So Unreal 

His Hands Were Warm His Face Is
Perfect Every Scar  And Imperfections
Were More Than Just It I Would Leave A
Trace And There Memories R 4med &
Those Moments R Left Unsaid 4 They Are
Just Only 4 Us Just Us Love And 4ever 

When I Was Walking In The Park Daffodils
Started Singing It Was Night Then The Stars
Were Staring At Me They Started 2 Speak
Words My Heart Only Understood
He Loves Me I Love Him V R 4ever

& There I Stood Alone Asked Myself Again
Why M I Even In Love With U
& All These Reasons R Just Nothing
4 Then I Realized The Real Answer

I Love U Because Of U. U Alone"


Snowflakes Make Me Glow

"4ever Beautiful In Ur Own Right
U Come All Hours In The Day And
The Night Floating Crystalline
Splendor U Purify U Add Beauty
2 All The Dead Surroundings 
& When The Sun Rises U Evaporate 
2 Do It All Over Again The LORD Knows 
I Love Ur Crunching Under My Toes 
It Makes Me Glow"


Forgotten LOVE

"I Wish I Could Whisper Sweet Nothings Into
His Ear But He Hates Kitch Loathes Sentiment
& Besides He Is Hard Of Hearing"


Past And Present

"The Moon Graces My Face In The Form Of
A Smile Bright And Waning Crescent
Constellations Dot The Back Of My Mind

U Have The Sun In Ur Eyes& The Sparks
Of Summer That Reflect Into The Sky
A Smirk The Remains  Of Dawn R Light
Freckles On Ur Skin

It Has Been A Year Or Two SinceI Last
Smiled At U Or U At Me How Time Passes
& Yet Does Not At All

V R The Star Crossed  And Luckless
The Lightning And The Thunder If I Was
Paper, You'd B Fire This Love Is Always 4 
& Against Us"


Appreciation Note.

"Have Not Felt So Happy In Months
Feels Like I Have Dried Up My Tears
& Fought My Way Out Of This Darkness
Which Used 2 Possess Every Part Of My Being
But Now It Feels Like I Am Finally Healing

No More R The Mascara Stained Pillows
No More Is The Feeling Of Drowning In Sorrow
Gone Is The Emptiness In Which I Used To Feel
Seems Like Real Life Has R Gained It's Appeal

Could Not Be Where I Am Without You
Or The Hope U Gave Me I Feel Like I Am New
Your Love Set Me Free It Helped Me Discover
My Old Self Again It Helped Me Uncover
So Much Of A Good Thing"

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