"Hi Moon!!! Dim Ur Light...
Hello Wind!!! Breeze Soft...
Hi Flower!!! Blossom Slowly.
Hello Earth!!! Spin Gently....
Coz My Sweet Friend Is Going 2 Sleep...!!!"

"Good Night...!!!"


"Jb Bhi Teri Deed Ka Imkan Rahega,
Dil Or Pareshan Pareshan Rahega,
Chalo Door Reh Kr Khwabön Me Milte Hein,
Milne Ka Yehi Raasta Aasan Rahega...!!!"

"Good Night...!!!"


"Look Outside Its So Romantic...
The Cloud Is Hugging U,
With A Cold Wind,
The Star Singing 4 U,
The Moon Dancing 4 U,
Because I Invite Them All 2 Wish U,
Good Night, Have A Lovely Dreams & Sleep Well...!!!"

"Good Night...!!!"

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