"Wishing You More Fun Than A Monkey In
A Tree Full Of Fruit Like It Is Really Possible
2 Be Happier Than That Lucky Guy"


"If Kisses Were Rain Id Send U Showers
If Fun Was Time Id Send U Hours
If U Needed A Friend Id Send You Me"


"In Soft Gleaming Night Of Stars
May All Your Dreams Come True
May Every Star Of Ever Night
Bring Love And Joy To you"


"You R Such A Special Friend
Who Deserves A Special Day
For Being Who U Are And
Bringing Joy In Every Way
You Make Me Smile And Laugh
With Everything U Do
So Today I Get 2 Send
A Special Birthday Wish 2 You"


"With As Much Love As I Can Share
I Wanted 2 Let U Know I Care
Enough 2 Send Some Love Ur Way
On Your Very Special Day"


"A Simple Celebration A Gathering Of 
Friends Here Is Wishing U Great Happiness
A Joy That Never Ends"

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