"Sunshine Is Delicious Rain Is Refreshing
Wind Braces Us Up Snow Is Exhilarating
There Is Really No Such Thing As Bad Weather
Only Different Kinds Of Good Weather"


"The Rain Makes All Things Beautiful
The Grass And Flowers To
If Rain Makes All Things Beautiful
Why Doesn’t It Rain On U"


"Rain Rain Go Away
Come Again Another Day
I Sung This Poem Yesterday
That’s Why Rain Come Today"


"When You Like To Dance In The Rain
I Shall Be There 2 Hold An Umbrella 4 U
Because If Not The Clay In Ur Head Will Drain
Off That’s Friendship Enjoy Rainy Day"


"IT Would B The Loneliest Feeling Standing
Cold Under The Rain All Alone But If U
Were There Hugging Me Tight
Just Right There By My Side Then
I Hope It Rains 4 The Rest Of My Life"


"Ache Nahi Hain Tewar Mausam Kay Aaj
Ashiq Mizajo’n Ki Khuda Khair Kare"

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