"How Can U Tell The Rain Not To Fall
Wen Clouds Exist, How Can U Tell The
Leaves  Not  To  Fall  Wen  The  Wind
Exists,  How  Can  U  Tell  Me  Not  To
Fall     In    Love    When    U     Exist"


"Accidents Do Happen I Slip I Trip I
Stumble I Fall And Usually I Do not
Care At All.But Now I Don't Know
What   2   Do   Course   I   Slipped
And    Fell    In    Love   With  U"


"Love Is Like A Golden Chain That Links
Our Hearts Together And If U Ever Break
That Chain You Will Break My Heart 4 ever"


"When The Night Comes Look At The Sky
If U See A Falling Star Do not Wonder
Why Just Make A Wish Trust Me It Will
Come True Because I Did It And I Found U"


"True Love Is Hard 2 Find Special 1-1 Of 
A  Kind  But  The  Love  Inside  Of  Me Is
True   It    Appeared   The Day   I  Met  U"


"You Say You Love Me And Want To
Hold  Me  Tight  Those  Words  Run
Through My  Head  Day And Night. I
Dream   It   U  Held  Me  And  Made
Me  See  Dat  Forever Together We
Wood Be"

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