"Is  Dil  Ki  Hr  Dharkan  Ka  Ehsaas  Ho Tum
Tm Kya Jano Hmary Liey Kitny Khas Ho Tum

Juda  Ho  Ky  Tumne  Hame  Moot  Sy  Bi  Bari  Saza Di Hy
Phir Bhi Is Trpty Dil Ny Tumhe Khush Rehny Ki Dua Di Hy"


"I Love U So Deeply I Love U So Much I
Love The Sound Of Ur Voice & The Way
That We Touch. I Love Ur Warm Smile &
Your Kind Thoughtful Way The Joy Tha U
Bring 2 My Life Every Day I love you today
As I Have From The Start And I Will Love
You  Forever  With  All  Of  My  Heart"


"Hold Me In Ur Arms & Never Let Me
Go Kiss Me On My Lips But So Sweet &
Slow Tell Me that U Love Me But Only If
It Is True. Now Let Me Tell U Something
I Am So In Love With U"


"Every Time I Am With U I Can Not Stop
Staring  At  U  &  Every Time I M Alone
I Can Not Stop Thinking About U Because
The One Who I Really Want 2 B With Is U"


"Love Can Touch Us One Time & Last 4
A Lifetime & Never Let Go Til V R Gone
Love was when I loved you One True Time
I Hold 2 In My Life V Shall Always Go On"

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