"There Is A Warmth In My Heart. It Haunts
Me When U Are Gone. Mend Me 2 Ur Side
& Never Let Go The More I Live The More
I  Know What's  Simple Is True I LOVE U"


"Love  Is  Like  Playing  The  Piano  First  U
Must  Learn To Play By The Rules Then U
Must 4get The Rules & Lay From Ur Heart"


"The  Pain Is  Not On  The Day Of
 Missing Our Dear Ones The Pain Is
Really When U Live Without Them
& With Their Presence In Ur Mind"


"Life Is Very Short So Break Silly Rules.
4give  Quickly Believe Slowly Love Trul
Laugh Loudly And Never Avoid Anything
That Makes U Smile"


"If I Write U A Song, Will U Listen
If I Make U Dinner Will U Eat It If I Give
U My Heart Will U Take It If U
Break My Heart Will U Fix It"

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